Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hugs only for my dad

Being the eldest amongst the three sisters, parents have always been a bit strict with me. May be because i always respected whatever they told me.

Lets go to almost 15 years back. During this period, i was neither allowed to wear sleeveless in bus/ train nor talk to boys nor stay out of the house after 10 pm. My dad used to travel a lot for work during this time. He used to stay away from India for almost 6 months. He has sacrificed a lot of things for us. But being so young that time, i never realized it. I always complained to mom about his behavior and attitude. But today when i am married and when my husband goes even for 6 days i realise how difficult it is for both of us to stay away from each other.

Papa's reason for not pampering any of us was that we all should be independent and tough. He started believing that we are equal to boys so he made sure that we learn sports too. Till date, i remember papa making me do all the bank work from the age of 15. He never accompanied me to the bank to guide me but only instructed me to follow the signs. He taught me that taking help from the officials is absolutely ok.

I was 18 and yet not so confident while driving car. Papa told me to take the car alone and its absolutely ok to bang the car but just make sure that not to bang into anybody. Since that day, not even once have i banged the car. I love driving and it is all because of him. He has always encouraged me in whatever i did. As the years passed by, he became more open minded and never said a no when it came to learn something new.

Now came the time to get married. Most difficult phase of my life. When i decided to chose a partner, papa was the first one to oppose not because he didn't like him but because he wasn't prepared to send me off.. With great difficulty, mom n me convinced him. First time ever i saw tears in his eyes at the time of my 'bidaai' and that's when I HUGGED and told him that i will always respect and love him for whatever i am today.

Many times i miss being with him. He loves travelling to different places, experimenting new cuisines and exploring the unexplored. And i am proud to say that i am his copy in this.
I just love the way he loves his wife. Even when he is angry, only his love for mom can be seen. 
I really appreciate the way he looks after his parents. He makes sure that he meets them on regular basis and talks to them daily.

My papa is the perfect man who balances between his parents, wife and his children. He is more of a friend than a dad figure to his son-in-laws.

Papa truly believes in living for today and enjoy every moment.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


  1. Very well written, very true, we don't realize what sacrifice our parents have done for us until we go through the you dad!!

    1. Ami
      U also have expressed same feeling a year back which i read it...again & again ...while Kin posted in whattsapp...

  2. Well written Kins and it feels this has come straight from your heart. I am sure Dad is also a proud man when he sees you and reads this.

    1. Pranay ji...yes i am proud of dis..
      Boys or Girls all are equal...

  3. @Kin
    Unfortunately i read above today lonely @6.30 in the morning ,while alone,since mom gone for walk and tears in my eyes ..i did all as my duty ,nothing new..please take care of us (both)during our old days .

    Proud of you all Kin,Ami,Pranay and of course Maitri..&Dr.Anish.
    Cheers and have a safe journey through your entire life...

    Loving DAD

  4. Kin....i read again.& again your above blog...and mom sleeping and again tears eyes as i am really soft hearted can not express openly but thanks to this technology of internet...
    What a perfect speech type composition you have expressed your feeling even today 26/6/2016 post father's day..
    Our responsibilty is not over till your ladli 3rd sister get a good & perfect husbund like Pranay & Dr.Anis.....
    Please do you all help us in.her progress and findings...

    Last but not least enjoy @ Alibaug and a big hug to master Pratham.

    Dad & Mom