Monday, 4 May 2015

Parenting in today's world

With the lifestyle that we are living in and the kind that we are giving to our children, it is very necessary that we inculcate few things in them as and when, while they are growing up. We, as parents are more open and frank with our kids. We impart maximum knowledge to them. Most of us go to any extent to give them best of knowledge.

* As a mother to a son, it is important for me to teach him that every woman needs to be respected. Whether friend, sister or soulmate; all need to be treated equally as your male friend.
* Protect and respect every girl but donot loose your self respect.
* Yes, he needs to be independent and that means he willnot be spoon-fed at every stage of his life.
* He has to learn to take his own decisions and fulfill his own dreams.
* I will be there to support him but only if he works hard for it.
* Fight for yourself but never hurt someone.
* Respect elders by listening to them.  *Money isnot everything in life, there is something called relations. Never compare relations with money.
* Donot betray anybody's trust at any cost.
* Sometimes its good to lie but for the benefit of others.

Last but not the least, never forget to look after your parents in their old age. We will try our best not to bother you but God forbid if the need arises, please be kind to us.

Every parent is very confident about their child. But it is very essential that we prepare them for their future from their childhood.