Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Are we really spending time with our kids?

In today's world, Parenting is so challenging. I remember when i was a kid, there were few games which we played at all ages. Games like hopscotch, kho kho, dog and the bone and more like these are just fading away. A week back i met few friends with their kids aged between 4 to 6 years for a playdate. To my surprise none of the kids knew the game Dog and the bone. But all the kids knew games like candy crush saga, subway surfer , fruit ninja, car racing and all the games that we play either on mobile phones or Tabs or Ipads.
Its a new trend where moms are discussing that what all games have they downloaded on their gadgets. But very few or rather none ever discusses what physical activity did her child do except for classes. I mean classes like football, cricket, skating are really needed at the age of 3 or 4 years? Taking kids to parks and garden is alsofading away.

I agree kids are playing football, cricket, Lego. BUT ALL ON THE GADGETS. Why is it that Moms want their kids to attend all those classes which are happening around? Why cant we sit with our kids and play all those games which we played as a child?
I was surprised to hear about a class where the kids of age 6 to 7 years are taught how to increase writing speed. Isnt thats we as parents need to work on?
There are literally competitions between moms as to how many classes her child goes for. I understand in 21st century, kids are super active and absorbs things from their environment faster than how we learnt as a child. But that doesnot mean that we keep sending kids to all possible classes and miss out on "we" time.
The concept of going for Picnics has just vanished. Why are we(adults) not doing all those things which our parents did for us when we were kids?

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