Sunday, 27 September 2015


As rightly said, when a baby is born a parent is also born. Pampers has always been associated with baby diapers. Few days back I got a call from #BlogAdda team inviting me for the launch of a Pamper product at J.W.Marriot,Sahar, Mumbai. It was kept under wraps as to what it would be.The only statement I knew was  #softestforbabyskin.

As I reached the venue, I was guided to the banquet by the blogadda team. As I entered, I was astonished by the superb set up of the Pampers. Within few minutes, the event started.

We were introduced to Actress & TV presenter Mandira Bedi, Child sleep consultant Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, Pampers R&D Expert Dr. Wei Sing Long and Actress & Celebrity mother Tara Sharma. This preview was exclusive organised for ‘we’ mommy bloggers and bloggers.

Mandira started explaining to us that how important it is to have a diaper which is soft & dry, which a baby can hardly notice. There few inputs from the other experts too. Mandira & Tara shared their motherhood experiences. Tara also shared couple of her son’s childhood videos. Ajita explained for a baby’s healthy growth, his interaction with environment is very important. But for that the baby needs to be free from that soggy and heavy feeling of the diaper. Pampers is the right product for a growing baby.

On each table, there was a long box which had 3 partitions numbered 1,2 & 3 and next to it was a diaper pant. We were also handed over the voting machine. Now, without looking inside the box we were supposed to touch and feel the diaper and vote which one is the softest. 92% of the bloggers said No2 diaper is the softest. And just after that all the 4 experts launched the NEW PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS.


Pampers R & D expert Dr. Wei Sing Long explained the unique features of the NEW Pampers Premium Care Pants with demonstration. They are called 5 star skin protection   
  1.     Soft materials/ fabrics – here she made us feel the diaper from inside .
  2.    All around waistband and soft cuffs. 
  3.   Upto 12 hours of dryness – here she filled a test tube with a blue liquid and adding some absorbing agent and withing few seconds we saw that the liquid had become like a gel and never dripped out of the test tube. This proves that pampers core quickly absorbs helping keep wetness away from the skin to help skin protection.                           * According to me, this is one of the main highlight and superb feature of the diaper.   

  4.   Baby lotion –  She demonstrated by applying a small of lotion on a piece of yellow paper and spraying a fluid over it. The part where lotion was applied remained yellow and the rest of it turned brown proving that how lotion protects baby’s precious skin. 

  5.   Wetness Indicator – During showcasing of this feature, all 4 experts moved to the Demo table and showed us that after pouring lot of fluid, nothing spills out and how gradually the indicator outside the diaper turns from yellow to blue and its time for the parent to change the diaper J

Few questions were asked to the experts by the bloggers and they were answered very efficiently. Later, bloggers were allowed to ask their queries on one to one basis. We were gifted  the amazing goodies from Pampers and blogadda.

I must say the event was superbly organised and beautifully executed. Pampers has taken great efforts in researching and innovating  the diaper.

"This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda".