Saturday, 3 October 2015



Watching  your child playing comfortably and sleeping well, is every mom’s wish. For many years Pampers has been associated with baby’s happy health development. After attending a superb launch event of New Pampers Premium Care pants, we were given the diaper pants for the review.

I (rather most of the mommies) associate diapers with Pampers. We rarely say diaper. We always say Pampers. It is like always saying change his Pampers or get his Pampers.

My son has over grown diapers. My nephew who is 2 years old came over to stay with us for few days. My sister in law never used Pampers so this was the best chance for both of us.
  • ·        The New Pampers diaper Pants has cute and unique graphics on them.
  • ·       They are as smooth as talcum powder giving a silky feeling.
  • ·       The all around waistband of the diaper pant is soft but at the same time it has snug fit so the fluid does not spill out.
  • ·       The baby lotion on it is also very safe.

My nephew is very hyper active who refuses to sit even for a second while awake. So changing diaper while he is playing has always been a task for his mum. But The New Pampers Premium Pants is very child friendly that she could make him wear it easily within few seconds. The wetness indicator on each diaper is so useful that she never had to worry by checking his diaper again. The indicator turning blue from yellow when in contact with fluid is very helpful.

While he was asleep, the wetness Indicator turned blue. It was so easy to tear the sides of used diaper and change into the new one. He did not even move an inch. While disposing it off, it was so easy to roll and put it in the disposable bag .

                                              my naughty nephew

One of the days, we had gone to the park with our kids. Due to lot of traffic during Ganpati festival, we were stuck for almost 7 hours and my sister in law forgot to carry extra since we thought that we would be back in 2 to 3 hours. But my nephew was enjoying the maximum and was not irritable at all. I feel the dryness in the diaper is what kept him enjoying and playing.

The New Diaper pants are also quite economic and easy on pocket. It has few sizes to suit age and weight of the baby.

As rightly said by the brand, “as soft as mother’s touch” that even my nephew enjoyed wearing by himself.

 "This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda".