Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dad - Dedicated And Devoted

" Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad. "

I, truely believe this.

Earlier( a decade ago) father's duty was to spend time with his children only on sundays since he was busy with his job or business on other days. Most of the fathers didnot remember how their child grew up. Fathers missed many important days of a child's life like first day at school, first performance on a stage, child's report days and many more. I have known families where father didnot know the child's grade.

But, now things are changing amazingly. Today most dads even change diapers. They are at par with moms. They love doing what they are doing.

Dads take kids to parks and play dates. They plan movies and even a short holiday with the child. Whether the mother is a working woman or a housewife, dads actively participate in a child's growth.
It feels so good to see Dads attending school's academic orientations, report days in large numbers. Few schools are even organising a father child day where the child goes with his papa n spend the day at school doing all fun activities.
Fathers too are very informative in imparting knowledge to the child on all possible topics.

Nowadays, dads are more like a friend than a father. Kids are so free with their fathers that they ask any questions to them without any hesitation. I donot remember ever calling my dad by his name (not even for fun). But today, kids give so many different names to their dads.

As most of the culture has pro's and con's , i would like to mention here that The western is influencing for good.

It is very important that the child should always respect his parents apart from being friendly with them.


  1. Very well written , I must say bhaiya is a perfect example of DAD...

    1. Thank you for your comment.. Appreciate it..