Sunday, 12 April 2015

Snack time

Its a struggle for almost every mom to decide whats to be given for the school snacks. Right now im in the club waiting for my husband. So in my free time i was just thinking what should i give pratham tomorrow  for his bus snacks. Though he has opted for school snacks but he loves to carry a tiffin box to share with his bus buddies. Here are the few ones which i feel are easy,delicious and most importantly healthy.

1. Small idlies with a topping like tomatoes and capsicum.
2. Rava dhokla in different shapes (cookie cutter can be used to make different shapes)
3. Fruit salad - 2 to 3 fruits of different colours cut into different shapes.
4. Cheese or jam sandwiches cut into different shapes (use whole wheat bread)
5. Dry fruits like almonds, peanuts, raisins,cashewnuts.
6. Vegetable parathas or aloo parathas.
7. Salads like paneer with cucumber and tomatoes.
8. Thepla and cheese roll.
9. Different varieties of rice like yellow rice or lemon rice or rice in pesto sauce.
10. Baked samosa or baked veg pattice.

And to top it all, once in a while, can surprise the child with a goodie like chocolate or candy, and then see the smile on his face.. You will do anything to just see that happiness on his face..


  1. Amazing suggestions Kinnary !! Loved ur blogs ...the prev one too....��

    1. Thank you chandni.. Sorry for the late reply.. Appreciate it..