Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cool drinks to beat the heat!!

Summer has begun. Most of the kids have school going on. Here are few drinks  which can save kids from dehydration :

1. Sweet lime water with a pinch of salt.
2. Jaggery water with little bit of lemon in it( for sweet n sour taste)
3. Saunf (aniseed) water
4. Glucon D water. Nowadays many flavours are available for kids to experiment and enjoy.
5. Coconut water can also be given.
6. Mint lemonade - Add crushed mint leaves to the sweet lime water for 10minutes and then strain out the leaves.
7. Watermelon lemonade - In a mixer, cut watermelon into small pieces, remove the seeds, add lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Blend it n serve.
8. Smoothie - This is every child's favorite. Cut 2 to 3 different types of fruits and blend it in a mixer. Add orange squash. It is just yummy..
9. Pink Panther - IN a glass of water, add 2 to 3 tsp of rose syrup and 1 tsp lemon juice. Mix it well and serve.
10. Our favorite since our childhood, RAW MANGO JUICE or famously knows as 'aam panna'. This can also be tried with kids.

* If you donot have any of the above ingredients then can soak orange skin in water for 2 to 3 hours and serve it chilled. The orangey flavour in drink will be enjoyed by the kids.
This drink can be drunk instead of regular water.

My above drinks are water based since it is safest with younger kids. But if you serve aerated drinks to your kids then cold drinks can be added too..

I have tried most of the drinks with Pratham and he enjoys them thoroughly. Sometimes with fancy snacks, he also carries these fancy drinks to school.

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