Monday, 6 April 2015

Motherhood - always fun.

After a lot of ifs and buts, i finally sit to pen down my thoughts, my feelings and my view points.
MOTHER..itself is such a huge word that how much ever i write for it is gonna be less. I don’t know why am i writing this now but this is something i wanted to write since i was born as a MOM.. my son Pratham is 4 years and 3 months today but still i remember his tiny feet and fingers touching me for the first time.. his twinkling eyes looking at me as if an angel is watching me.. after going through the labour pain and all, when i saw him i was just super excited that a new part of me is born.. it was my husband (who very nicely accompanied me throughout my labour pain) asked the doc whether its a boy or a girl.. but for that moment(in fact till date) it really didn’t matter what the gender of the child was.. the only best part was that from 2 we have become 3.
Seeing him growing up is like a dream come true. Most of the days are happy but few are the ones which i feel should have never existed. Every stage is a challenge. His settling period when he came into this world, his feeding routines, his activities and his milestones like teething , walking, eating by himself and many more was all so much fun. Then came the major challenge in any parent’s life.. SCHOOLING..
First was getting his admission in a good playschool (how does one term a school good or bad is another story). After he secured in the desired and nearby playschool , next challenge was a good Higher school.
It was like a nightmare. So many nights went in thinking which school, which board etc will be good for him. Whether we will get in or no? But finally when he got in the desired school, we all were so happy. Its kinda relief when i see pratham going to school happily and he is in more playful mood when he returns from school.
Motherhood is an ongoing process where you enjoy every bit of it, atleast i do. Whenever i look at pratham or even think about him, all my worries are vanished.
Thank you Pratham for making me believe that there is someone in this world who i would love even more than myself.