Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Game of mind

Manipulating is one of the important aspect of our lives. Most of the time of our day to day life just goes in managing, arranging or manipulating activities or people. We want to make sure that everyone is happy except your ownself. But there are few people around who will always send negative vibes.
My idea for this blog isnot to write bad about others but somewhere i felt that i must share how being 'a sit at home mom', a home maker faces troubles..
Juggling between Pratham's school, extra curricular activities and home is a task. After putting in so much efforts, at the end of the day when you have to hear that i am the one who is creating problems and spreading rumours, puts me off. This is the time you need your near and dear ones and perfect time to know who are your well wishers.
But motherhood teaches to be patient and hv faith in oneself. Never lose hope and keep trying.
Best way to boost yourself up is :-
1. Listen to your choice of music. It could be bollywood songs, light instrumental music or may be nursery rhymes.
2. Eat favorite chocolates (dont think about calories)
3. Watch a movie of the favorite genre.
4. Read a book or magazine or newspapaer.
5. Solve a puzzle or play a game.

For me the best way to cheer up is to clean or reaarrange the wardrobe.. It is so relaxing that i forget all my worries and troubles.

There are many more ways to boost up your day. It all depends on the person and nature of the problem :)

Its the mind who is playing games with us.

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