Friday, 10 March 2017

Space Journey : A Magical Story

Pratham and I love doing Sunday activities where we have no rules. Imaginations which have no limit no logics. We like to get into a Fairyland and meet different types of characters.
What else could have been better than taking up the #ColgateMagicalStories contest. We unpacked the parcel that we received from Colgate and Pratham’s imagination had no boundaries. Below is his version of the story with his favourite Topic SPACE.

       Once upon a time, there lived two best friends named Tim and Noah. They loved exploring and experimenting adventurous activities. They enjoyed listening to NASA stories and their inventions.
      Tim wanted to visit SPACE. Next day was Tim’s birthday and he hoped that when he wakes up he can go to SPACE in a Rover. Noah arranged Astronauts’ suits. Tim could not hold it initially as it was too heavy but then they managed wearing them. They packed their essentials and set off for their “SPACE JOURNEY” in a Rocket. ZOOOPPP went the Rocket. While travelling to Space, they saw many shooting stars. They saw few heated red colour balls which have a tail of dust and ice crystals. Tim immediately recognised that they are COMETS.  Noah was excited to see Space Stations and showed them to Tim too. Tim explained “Space stations allow astronauts to live and work in Earth’s orbit.”

On their way Noah insisted that they visit Venus. Tim explained to him that they cannot land there as its the hottest planet and they will melt due to the heat on Venus. “ Look Noah! That planet is rotating in the opposite direction to the other planets. That’s Venus” exclaimed Tim as they saw from far. As they halted in Space, at first, they couldn’t balance themselves as there is no gravity.  They started drifting away to a Red colour Planet. Noah and Tim at once said, “MARS” as they had learnt in school about Mars. Suddenly, they felt tremors. They rushed to their rocket and took off. They saw hot gush of volcano erupt. 

          Just as they thought of relaxing, they saw a Giant planet Jupiter. Just after this planet they saw another planet which was spinning like a top. Before they could realise, the strong winds of the massive storm around the planet pushed them away. Noah and Tim felt giddy and landed themselves on hard surface which was made up of rocks, ice and dust. “We are on Saturn! And these hoopla hoop rings spinning horizontally are the rings around the Saturn” Tim excitedly jumped. The naughty Saturn bounced them to the next Planet Uranus. On their way they saw a flying object. “Thats UFO” exclaimed Tim.  “Oh My God! My Ears are hurting. My ear drums will be damaged due to the loud sound made by the planet and the rings spinning around it vertically.” cried Tim.


Its been days since they had seen their parents. They were missing their families and friends. As they landed on another planet, they felt very cold. The wind was as cold as ice. ” We are on Neptune” exclaimed Tim. They saw an Ice Palace. As they were about to enter it, they saw some different looking creature coming out. “ Tim, lets run back to our Rocket, they are Aliens” said scared Noah. Tim explained to her that Aliens are nice and kind. So they made friends with few of them and headed to return to Earth.

As Tim settled himself inside the Rocket, he heard a familiar voice calling out to him .....

“ Tim! Tim! Wake up. Its 7 O’clock. It’s time to go to school.” It was Tim’s mother waking him up to get ready for school. As he opened his eyes to the bright sunny morning, he thought to himself “ I missed visiting the hottest orange yellow ball of mass”.

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