Tuesday, 16 August 2016

And my vacation begins..

The long school vacation is over and now most of us are back to the daily routine. I was so waiting for the school to reopen so that Pratham can get back to his routine of school and I can get back to my routine.For 2 months I never had a routine. I was just around him all the time, trying to entertain him with activities, holiday planning,  play dates and many more such things.

It's now that I feel my vacation has begun where I can plan things for myself. I can make plans to meet my friends since Pratham is in school. At times, I do feel guilty that I'm a bad mom because I want "me"  time. But then I think that's needed to think about ourselves as moms and also we get refreshed once we meet others. Even a simple task like cupboard cleaning or even arranging clothes need time. But when the child is around, moms can never think of doing it. Taking a 30 mins nap during odd hours of the day, feels rejuvenated.

Ah!  Pratham is back from school so I have to go and next blog will come soon..


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