Wednesday, 27 April 2016

"Mumma, that's not out" says Pratham

I was aware that a child can change your life but never knew this way.
I have never been a sports person. I like to watch games but never followed any in particular.  This could be because I never had a brother who would watch or follow sports.  My dad followed tennis so I knew few rules of it but nothing more than that.
So when I got married,  I saw how someone could love a game.  Yes,  I am talking about my husband,  Pranay following cricket. My father in law and my sister in law too loved the game. But he was at another level.  The only thing I knew about cricket was Sachin Tendulkar and that also because of newspapers.
Pranay watched all possible matches whether they were test matches, 1 day matches or series (thank God IPL didn't exist that time). He would watch any match 100th time but yet see it as if watching it for the first time. That was his LOVE  for cricket.
I never tried to understand this game and was amused at the fact 11 people running after a ball.
So when I was blessed with a baby boy, I decided that cricket would never be given a preference.
Today, my 5 years old breathes only cricket.  He knows the names of most of the team captains with their bowling,  batting and wicket keeping techniques.  He also knows most of the players of each team (IPL and Nation teams). He made sure that I also learn and like cricket.  Off side,  leg side,  no ball,  wide ball,  fours,  sixes and Many more are the terms taught to me by my son,  Pratham.  He tells me who is batting,  bowling and who will come next.  He can recognize the players even if they wearing helmet.
Today, I sit with him and watch most of the matches and also accompany him to stadium to watch matches (I have never accompanied Pranay).
Pratham's favorite IPL team is Mumbai Indians and he loves to be called ROHIT SHARMA.

Pratham's all friends watch cartoons on TV or on YouTube. But pratham chooses to watch only cricket matches.

I call him Cricket "addict".  Yes,  anyone reading this would be surprised to read this word but he is truelly loves this sport.  People who knows us and him will also agree and understand why I am saying it. 

It makes me feel so proud when a Stanger comes and tells me " I know you are Pratham's mom and he truelly loves cricket". 

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